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Selby, J., Barras, A., Beaman, L. (September, 2018). Rethinking Reasonable Accommodation: Muslims and the Navigation and Negotiation of the Everyday. Accepted. Forthcoming, September 2018. Vancouver : University of British Columbia Press. 179 pages.


Problems – of integration, failed political participation, and requests for various kinds of accommodation – seem to dominate the social scientific research on Muslims in Canada, the United States, and Western Europe. Beyond Accommodation: Everyday Narratives of Muslim Canadians offers a different perspective, showing how Muslim Canadians successfully navigate and negotiate their religiosity in the more mundane moments of their everyday lives. (Information and purchase).

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Barras, A. (2014). Refashioning Secularisms in France and Turkey: The Case of the Headscarf Ban. London: Routledge. 170 pages.


Over the past few years, secularism has become an intrinsic component of discussions on religious freedom and religious governance. The question of whether states should restrict the wearing of headscarves and other religious symbols has been particularly critical in guiding this thought process.

Refashioning Secularisms in France and Turkey documents how, in both countries, devout women have contested bans on headscarves, pointing to how these are inconsistent with the ‘real’ spirit of secularism. These activists argue that it is possible to be simultaneously secular and religious; to believe in the values conveyed by secularism, while still remaining devoted to their faith. Through this examination, the book highlights how activists locate their claims within the frame of secularism, while at the same time revisiting it to craft a space for their religiosity.

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Edited book

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Barras, A., Nicolet, S., Dermange, F. (2016). Réguler le Religieux dans les Sociétés Libérales? (eds). Geneva : Labor et Fides. 208 pages.


How do we regulate religiosity today in public spaces, and with whom?  The presence of new religions in European public spaces has proven a major challenge. This collective work takes note of this evolution and proposes to treat a certain number of pressing questions, such as what shape does religious freedom take today? How do we manage religious diversity in education and prisons? What are the impacts of globalization on the religious and its management? This edited collection brings together the voices of thirteen international researchers in ethics, sociology, political science, religious studies and law. (Information and Purchase).




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Work Under-Review or in Progress

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