Current Research


Producing Islam(s) in Canada

Producing Islam(s) in Canada is a project that I am conducting with Jennifer Selby (MUN) and Melanie Adrian (Carleton University) and which is funded by a SSHRC connection grant. It seeks to chart and critically interrogate the knowledge produced on Islam(s) and Muslim(s) in Canada. To this end, we organized a workshop at Carleton University in September 2017 gathering a number of scholars working on Islam in Canada from a range of disciplines in order to take stock of the research done on Islam(s) and Muslim(s) in Canada since the 1970s.

We are currently editing a collection of chapters written by workshop participants interrogating the type of scholarly knowledge produced, including what it overlooks and how it participates in shaping public imaginaries. This volume is under contract with the University of Toronto Press and should come out at the end of 2019.

Shaping Human Rights: Faith-Based NGOs at the United Nation

Shaping Human Rights: Faith-based NGOs at the United Nations Human Rights Council is a project funded by a SSHRC insight development grant in which I seek to document the work of faith-based activists at the United Nations Human Rights Council, exploring, among other things, how these actors engage in a continuous work of translation. Not only do they translate their religious values into human rights to be heard in UN forums, but they also have to make their human rights work accessible to members of their faith communities unfamiliar with the UN lingua franca. More generally, the project pays particular attention to how these actors are shaping human rights debates and norms. Given that the great majority of these activists are Christian, I also interrogate the consequence of this lack of diversity on this inner crafting of international human rights law. I am currently finishing field-research at the United Nations.